Why is health care important?

18 Aug

That seems like a silly question to me. Perhaps a better question is why has this issue of health care divided this country so bitterly? We’ve all known the people who have been affected by a lack of health care coverage on some level, whether it’s ourselves, paying higher premiums so that hospitals can treat those who cannot pay for their own care,  or a friend who comes down with an illness and cannot be treated until it’s too late. In this country we spend $2.4 TRILLION on health care. To put that into perspective, if a dollar were represented by a second, a million seconds would put us into last week. A trillion seconds would take us back 30,000 years… that is a whole lot of money (thanks for the comparison Zeke Emmanuel).  This means that we spend more on health care than any other country in the world. Does this mean we have the best health care in the world? Not exactly. While we spend the most, we end up on the low end of life expectancy rates. This points to inefficiency in spending for medical care. Call me crazy, but shouldn’t people who consider themselves economic conservatives be rallying against wasteful spending? Covering the uninsured doesn’t strike me as wasteful spending, spending massive amounts of money for mediocre care does.

It comes down to this, as I heard one Democrat put it, are we out for the best interest of the American people or the insurance companies? It’s a valid question. Those patriots out there who are denying their fellow citizens life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, what’s in it for them? Is there anything in it for them, or have they been filled with the fears and lies of those who are in the pocket of the insurance companies.

At this point in time, it does not seem prudent to keep courting the Republicans. They’ve been consuming their own nonsense for so long that they started to believe it. When there was a Republican majority in Congress and a Republican in the Oval Office did they concede to us?
It’s time we repaid the favor.

I’m not suggesting we completely ignore them, but do not take a public option off the table just because they throw a temper tantrum. They’re worried about spending money? Where was that worry when they threw us into an unnecessary war that meant spending trillions of dollars.

We need to  get to business. Our system is sick. Our people are sick. And I’m sick of seeing the Democrats back down on healthcare.

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