Why the Saints are so important…

8 Feb

As you may know by now the New Orleans Saints are Super Bowl champs! I’m floored, it was an amazing game and the Saints are my second favorite team (second only to the Ravens) but I’ve seen a lot of people questioning the excitement. Allow me to explain from my perspective.

In 2005 Hurricane Katrina decimated the gulf coast. Thousands lots their lives and countless others lost their homes, lost their jobs, and lost their families. 2005 seems like a lifetime ago to me. I was in New Orleans in 2005 on Spring Break and months later I saw on the news the horrors that transpired there. Since 2005 I’ve turned legal drinking age, gotten my first real job, and graduated from college. I went back to New Orleans last month to visit my friend Destiny. I was shocked and heart broken to find the scars New Orleans still bore from the storm. These scars resembled fresh wounds more than they did scars. The spray paint on the houses was faded, but the damage was still just as bad as the day the levees broke. Destiny regaled me about the storm, about what it was like before the storm and what it was like to rebuild after the storm. She said when she came back home for the first time after Katrina the city was dark and silent. She remembered finding a doll in the dirt on the side of the road and just crying.

Destiny and her family were lucky. They could rebuild. Others were not so lucky.

I can’t imagine my hometown going through the kind of devastation that New Orleans and the Gulf Coast went through. Almost 5 years later most of New Orleans is still reeling from Hurricane Katrina and there has been little done to help. One town that doesn’t have much to believe in does have one thing: The Saints. The Saints, which seem aptly named have been the city’s salvation. They’ve risen from the ashes of their crumbled city and performed miracles. The storm could have happened 20 years ago and New Orleans will still believe in their Saints.

So go ahead hate on, haters. I’ll be standing with the city of New Orleans and all those who love her yelling “WHO DAT!”

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