The Persuit of Happiness

14 Feb

I’ve been having a series of revelations this past week or two, spurred on by snow, This American Life podcasts, and Katie Sokoler’s blog Color Me Katie ( I realized I haven’t been me in a long while, at least not the me I enjoy being. I love doing things for fun, even if they’re silly. I like taking risks. I like creating beautiful things.  I like making other people smile and above all I like making me smile. I haven’t been doing that, it’s time to turn that around.

Today I did something I would never ever imagined having the guts to do, but I did it. I made a valentine for a guy I barely know but thought was cute and gave it to him at work. It scared the crap out of me but I’m glad I did it.

This morning I made my coworkers  some beautiful valentine’s cards while eating a piece of giant cupcake and watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was the best morning I’ve had in a longgg time.

I have no idea where this life is taking me, but where ever I’m going I want to bring happiness with me.

Lots of love, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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